An Awful Lot of Onions

It's all in the onions..


We made Lancashire hot Pot for Kate & Daniel's wedding in december. Along with 20 legs of lamb on the bone, we began with over 30kg of onions. That's a sack & a half.

..about the same weight as the meat. 'thats an awful lot!' I hear you say..well, Lancashire hot pot is just lamb, onions & potatoes.. and it was for 170 people.

You can never have too many onions.  The secret is to cook them EVER so slowly - a very gentle sizzle, don't overcrowd the pan (use the biggest you have). Check out a recipe for Lancashire hot pot

Sophie & Tom were married at The Old Finsbury Town Hall & had big terracotta casseroles of Boeuf Bourguignon on every table. We used shin of beef, cooked for ages.


To find out how we do our Beouf Bouguignon click here.

What we're saying about roasting it right...!



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