How to Hire a Caterer

How do I hire a Caterer?
Ask for clear, specific explanations.
Ask for references.
Shop around.

We want our customers to feel confident that we will deliver the right service, at the right price and with the highest level of care.
That's why we say shop around. You'll find a whole spectrum of prices and services out there. We would rather answer all your questions before you commit to us as it makes us more confident that you will become one of our many happy customers - and recommend us which is how we get a lot of our business!
Don't be afraid to ask how much food will be provided. People's expectations vary greatly!
If you want to 'super-size it' just ask! It's often not that much more expensive to make portion sizes bigger or to 'bolt-on' extras. It can also save you money if you decide that you would rather have smaller portions.
Be as clear as possible when obtaining quotes - it saves your time, and ours!
If  you're organising a wedding its a good idea to let us know before we start the quote process.
Weddings can be more expensive - They tend to take longer, and normally require more staff and equipment.
If, on the other hand you are getting married and just want a Simple BBQ, Canape Reception or Fork Buffet with no frills that's fine. We won't give it the hard sell or charge extra.

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